Notice Of Trespass Is Respectfully Delivered, Herein, Upon Elizabeth II
Coronation Oath 1953
JULY 1st, 2014
Without Prejudice Regarding
The Canada National Energy Board
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Challenge To Canadian State Nation Status
Whereas, in the matter of the
Gus Wen Tah : Ttwo Row Wampum : Covenant Chain
  1. Elizabeth II, through the agent Canada; and, its named provinces Alberta and British Columbia, have, by public record and corporate policy, instituted a continued trespass by enforced military occupation in traditional and customary sovereign territories of prevailing indigenous nations and their Peoples, who continue in unabated governing presence since time began despite Elizabeth II and agent's evident conspiracies in contravention of international law and United Nations Charter obligations to deny rightful and paramount nation rights of these indigenous Peoples; in particular, by
  2. Developing natural energy resources in the Canadian named province of Alberta in absence of meaningful, non-oppressed enfranchisement; and,
  3. Providing statutory authority to the Canada National Energy Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency; through which to claim authority to determine development of these said Alberta energy resources; and, therein, to propose authority to endorse the construction of pipelines across Alberta and into British Columbia contrary to the entitled governing authorities of indigenous Peoples of the territories affected or to be affected therein.
  4. Notice of trespass was originally served upon Elizabeth II on March 5th & 7th, 2013 via Judge Greyell; as witnessed by Supreme Court of BC record S67804; and, information filed at the UN Security Council on August 23rd, 2013. Hereditary chiefs and elders of Nanaimo, Chemainus and Kwa'mutsun nations witnessed and endorsed the delivery.
  5. Advance Notice of Complaint was submitted to Elizabeth II : Canada in 2005; received and replied upon.
  6. Note: National Indian Government of North America Declaration 1944
  7. Note : Union of BC Indian Chiefs : STOLEN LANDS, BROKEN PROMISES 
  8. The above complaint of trespass is embraced by - amongst others - Rocky Mountain Cree Nation; and, the UN-registered Great Turtle Island Federation Inter-Governmental Organization.
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